Woman Makes The Prettiest Nursery Room For Her ‘Baby’ Dog

Joyce had always wanted a dog and when Harry came, she gives him nothing but the best.Joyce gave him his own nursery, a full bedroom suite filled with all the things he wants and needs!Harry’s nursery room turned out to be absolutely incredible!Joyce lost her dog in 2013 and that left her distressed. After a while, she was ready to welcome a new dog into her life, but there were unavoidable hindrances along the way.

“It happened in the middle of law school, and between finishing up school, starting my career, working too many hours and my first home having no yard, I didn’t think it was fair to get a dog yet — as much as I wanted to,” Joyce told The Dodo.Few years since then, things had started falling into place. Joyce started working fewer hours and bought a house with a yard. And for her, it was the perfect time to get a dog.

Luckily, she spotted Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue’s post about a litter of puppies for adoption, and soon after, she met Harry, whom she thinks is really a perfect fit for her.

When Harry arrived, his room was only half-finished because Joyce lacked the time to complete the nursery project. This made the fur mom a little bit dissatisfied as she wanted to give Harry the best.

Finally, in March 2020, when the pandemic started, Joyce had more time on her hands to finish what she started. She turned one of the extra guest rooms downstairs, a full bedroom suite, into Harry’s cozy nursery.

Joyce wanted the nursery to be absolutely perfect. It took her about a year to complete the project — from clearing the room, painting and decorating it, to setting all Harry’s stuff up. And her hard work paid off, the nursery looked totally incredible!

Joyce even set up a camera in the room in case Harry meets anything in the night.

“It was almost an organizational thing for me in the beginning (keeping his clothes, toys and everything else in the same place), but he just loves it,” Joyce said. “He’s fully aware of what ‘Harry’s Room’ is, and often sits outside the door of his room, waiting to go in. Most of his toys are in there, and Harry is the biggest fan of toys!”

People who know Joyce weren’t surprised with how she came up with the beautiful nursery. They know how badly she’s always wanted a dog and making one for Harry was one way to fulfill that wish.

And Harry absolutely loved his room! He spends most of his time there, taking a nap every day from 1 to 5 pm, snuggling up in his crib, changing into his pajamas, reading a book with his mom, and cozying up all over again.

It’s no surprise if it’s the lucky pup’s favorite place to be, especially if his cozy time is made even better with his mom beside him, giving him some warm cuddles.