Woman Posts Police Officer Taking Selfies With His K9, Officer Responds With Pics

Rarely do we get to witness tender moments between K9’s and their police officer handlers but thanks to an observant woman at Dallas Love Field, we get a rare glimpse into the special relationship officers have with their police dogs.Gina Anzaldua Stevenson was at the airport when she spotted the officer taking selfies with his K9 partner. She quickly took some pictures of the pair and while doing so realized something super cute – the officer was showing his K9 their pictures after he took them!

Gina shared the photographs in the Dog Spotting Society group on Facebook, where it quickly got over 60k likes, over 47k shares, and over 1.5k comments. She wrote:“I just saw a cop at the airport take a series of selfies with his dog and then stop and show him each one. I stand corrected, that sweet boy was his partner, not just a dog.”

People absolutely loved the post and to make it even more awesome, the officer came forward and shared the selfies that he took of himself and his K9, Zigi, with all his new adoring fans.

His name is Andre Cloyd and he’s a police officer in Dallas, Texas. He had taken some time away from his work to snap some adorable pics with his K9 partner.

He shared the pics with this post:

“Here are the selfies Zigi and I took that you all have asked for!”

Officer Clyod and Zigi could not be any cuter, even in their serious poses. The selfies came out great and we have a feeling this is not the first time they’ve taken pictures together.

Officer Cloyd just seems like a fantastic officer and all around great guy to share with us all. His post quickly got over 29k likes, almost 2k appreciative comments, and over 1k shares.

Officer Cloyd also set up a Facebook page so you can continue to follow him and Zigi. You can find them at Andre/Zigi Cloyd.