Woman Saved Stray Dog 17 Years Ago, and Now She Has to Say A Heartbreaking Goodbye

Humans have always admired people who rescue and adopt stray dogs. Taking the time and responsibility of taking care of a dog who needs some TLC is admiring.17 years ago, one kind-hearted woman, named Jesusita, is one of these wonderful people. Rewind 17 years and a dog showed up at her doorstep, when she saw him the pair knew they were destined to be together.

The dog was named Solovino, which means “he came alone” in Spanish.
Jesusita didn’t have much to her name, but she didn’t hesitate to take Solovino in and to care for this loving creature.Solovino was loyal to Jesusita. And ever since they met, he would never leave Jesuita’s side.For years Solovino has stayed with Jesusita, and the pair stayed best-friends for life.

But as the years passed, health problems started to show with Solovino’s age. He had advanced arthritis and he was struggling to walk.

Jesusita didn’t want Solovino to suffer and be in pain. So she knew that it was time for her to say goodbye to her beloved companion of 17 years.

stray dog hopefully gazing at women
Kerry Armstrong, the founder of Home Dog LA, stated that they got a call from a woman who needed help to humanely put down her 17-year-old dog – who she knew was at his last days.

Home Dog LA is an organisation that helps economically stressed families with their pets. Since Jesusita was seen as economically stressed, they knew that they had to help her.

Volunteers went to Jesusita’s home to help transport Solovino. But before taking him to the clinic, they gave Solovino a last special treat.

The pair enjoyed a hamburger together. Jesusita’s last meal with her loyal friend.

women feeding stray dog
Solovino was then taken to the clinic and after Jesusita said her final goodbyes, Solovino was put to rest.

It’s painful to see our furry friends leave the world, but it would also be too selfish of us to cling to them – especially when they are suffering and in pain.

Solovino lived a happy life of 17 years with Jesusita, and he was loved all the way to his last day.

women loving the stray dog