Woman Saves Hundreds Of Stray Animals Of Many Kinds

Adri Rachelle, the founder of Wild Things Sanctuary, takes every abandoned animal that comes her way.She had sacrificed a lot, including her own needs, to sustain animal care.Adri said that she not only wants to basically care for them, but for them to live the animal dream!
For her, saving every single stray animal adds a greater purpose to her life.Adri Rachelle, the founder of Wild Things Sanctuary, takes every furry, feathered or four-legged animal that comes her way.

“Animals that are broken and in danger have always seemed to cross my path and knowing that I’m offering them a safe place to heal gives my life a purpose and that reward far outweighs all of the time, money, and sadness running an animal sanctuary can bring,” Adri explained.She welcomed this work as more of a calling than just a mere passion — which is not a surprising reason over the 200 animals she rescued by herself!

In her farm in Athens, Georgia, where she also lives, Adri enjoys every minute investing in it to make sure all her rescued animals will have a comfortable life.

She brings the animals’ needs above her own, and even had to sell her truck to build the sanctuary. So far, she had shelled out more than $50,000 to sustain the animal rescue.

“The feed bills average $1,300 a month,” she explained. “Vet care fluctuates greatly, but on a yearly basis, we can generally predict about $10,000. Setting up the sanctuary over the last year has cost around $50,000 in materials.”

Although opening the farm to the public to raise money is an available option, Adri would rather choose a quiet life for them.

“I feel strongly that the constant revolving door of strangers coming to observe the animals is very stressful for animals that are in recovery, old, or sick.”

She then prefers earning enough from donations to keep the animals fed, and wants to ensure she has enough to be able to adopt more wandering animals.

Despite the demands of having to raise imperfect animals — seniors, unhealthy, neglected or unhandled, this total menagerie experience is like her “heaven on earth.”

“I want them to be spoiled and try to create homes for them that are absolutely over-the-top and incredible! Thrive instead of just survive!”

Her goal is to exceed the “basic requirements” in raising animals and wants to spoil them like they are her own babies. And with this setup, we can’t tell whose side is happier: Adri herself or all these fortunate animals she has taken under her loving care.