Woman Takes Dog On Epic Mother’s Day Road Trip To Visit His Birth Mama

Waylon the Old English Sheepdog came into Paige Moomey’s life in 2014 and quickly stole her heart as only a fur-kid can. They embarked on their life together in Chicago, Illinois where Paige is an editor for the online media platform, DOSE. This year, in honor of Mother’s Day, Paige decided it was time to help Waylon get back to his roots.

The pair spent five and a half hours making their way to Georgetown, Kentucky so Waylon could reunite with his “birth mom.”In a joint effort with Chevrolet, DOSE Media produced an adorable video of Paige and Waylon’s 400 mile voyage in the new 2017 Chevy Cruise.After sharing some jerky, rocking out to a custom playlist, and stopping to take in the sights, the duo caught a good night’s sleep.

In the morning, they finally arrived at a bucolic Kentucky farm where Waylon and his lovely mother, Addie locked eyes for the first time in three years…

“I watched Waylon bask in his old stomping grounds, reacquainting himself with his life before he met me,” Paige wrote on the DOSE blog. “After plenty of mother-son bonding, Addie flopped down next to me, humbly asking for a belly rub. Mom-to-mom, we sat there silently and full of love.”