Worried Dog Brings Injured Bird To Mom, Waits To See If It’s Okay

A friendly and loving dog named Charlie was rescued two years ago and cares for everyone and everything. So the day he brought over an injured bird, Mom wasn’t surprised. This bird had flown into a window and fallen to the ground, and the dog went in for rescue!The bird wasn’t moving, and Charlie knew it needed help.

So he picked it up in his mouth and carried it to Mom worried if it’d ever be okay again. He didn’t leave her side as he waited for the bird to wake up.When the bird finally came to, Charlie was so relieved! The sweet dog could now relax knowing the bird was fine. Mom released the bird out back in the yard, and Charlie got to watch as it flew away!

Elizabeth Houston and family hope this story shows just how lovable pit bulls can be!

H/T – The Dodo