Wow, This Great Dane Outgrows All His Older Siblings In A Year

Maximus, a Great Dane, is the youngest of Caleb and Ashlyn Mellstrom’s four dogs.He was very small when he first arrived at the house.Now, three years later, Max is the biggest of the pack, and his fast growth is all captured in adorable photos!Photos capture memories that are otherwise sometimes forgotten.A fur mom probably had this in mind when she started documenting the growth of all their four dogs — so they always have something to look back on.

True enough, her pictures have made their family realize how much all their dogs have grown, especially Maximus, a gray-skinned Great Dane.When the Great Dane joined Caleb and Ashlyn Mellstrom’s family, he was just as small as the palm of their hands.Three years and 200 pounds after, Maximus has grown so big, but still isn’t aware that he’s the same size as his “big” Pomeranian sister, Dahlia.

“He has no idea how big he is, and he’s Dahlia’s right-paw dog,” Ashlyn told The Dodo. “Those two are constantly causing trouble together.”

Maximus is the youngest of Caleb and Ashlyn’s dogs. When he first arrived at the Mellstroms, the three other dogs weren’t as happy to welcome him. Having another one to share their parents’ attention with seemed like something they all had to adjust to.

“Cheyenne and Charlie weren’t 100 percent sold on him right away,” Ashlyn said. “Cheyenne is still not so thrilled about him. She’s very much a daddy’s girl and doesn’t like anyone else taking his attention from her.”

But the dogs have learned to come around. Charlie, a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix, has soon accepted Max, as long as he doesn’t disturb him in his strict napping routine.

Of the three, Dahlia has become the closest with Max. They were of the same size when Max arrived, but now Max has already overgrown her. Despite this, the two still see themselves as equals.

Ashlyn started taking weekly photos of their dogs to document their growth, and this is something easy to do especially with the treats on the line.

“When I got Maximus, I knew immediately that I had to take growth photos or I wouldn’t believe that he used to be small,” the fur mom said. “I was kind of obsessed with seeing the change every week.”

“Everybody has to sit, which some days can be a struggle depending on who wants to cooperate,” she added. “Once they’re lined up, I’d yell silly words that they like just to get them to look, and snap tons of photos.”

Ashley’s photos of the pack have left her surprised of how much Max has grown, surpassing everyone’s size, including her and Caleb.

Despite the four dogs’ differences, Ashley gets comfort in the fact that they know they all belong to the same family.