Yorkie Dognapped 13 Years Ago Reunites With Owner

When a beloved pet disappears, their family still hopes to find them no matter how many years have passed.A Yorkie who was snatched from his family 13 years ago was found and reunited with his family thanks to his microchip.He is now 16 years old, with infected eyes, bad teeth, and a sore leg, but he is home.Thanks to his microchip, Connor the Yorkie found his way home to his mom.

But the reunion is bittersweet — his dad, who loved to brush him all those years ago, died four years before he could reunite with his family.But Connor is home. At 16, he has a sore leg, bad teeth, and infected eyes, but he will get the best care from his mom, Karen Fox, who is also a veterinarian.He now follows his mom around the house as he seems to remember his old home.

Connor is a rescued dog from Karen’s client. As soon as her husband Timothy would arrive from work, he would sit on his recliner, put the eight-pound Connor on his chest, and brush the Yorkie’s fur.

But one day, 13 years ago, a man in a red Dodge pick-up truck scooped Connor from their yard. Karen’s teenage son watched it all in horror and shouted through the window, “Hey! Don’t think I don’t see what you’re doing with my dog!”

The mother and son immediately jumped into their car and pursued the red truck but to no avail. They could only cry. They also knew how devastated Timothy would be.

Karen continued looking for Connor around their neighborhood for the red truck in hopes of finding him. As the years passed, their hopes also faded.

Four years ago, Timothy died with no knowledge of where and how Connor was doing.

But on March 4, a voice mail message from Connor’s microchip company and Metro Nashville Animal Control informed her that they had Connor.

Karen said, “It was pure, utter amazement! I’m still amazed!”

As Fox and one of her staff from her veterinary practice went to get Connor the next day, the now 16-year-old dog walked slowly onto her lap and licked her face.

As she thought of her husband while brushing Connor, she cried. “The most emotional thing for me, is how much my husband would’ve loved for him to have come back home.”